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SC-2000 Cell Door Device

The SC-2000 is a motorized locking device designed for individual cell, multiple cell or inmate room applications for doors not exceeding 450 lbs.
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⊡ Sliding Door Lock

⊡ Chain Function w/ Rack & Pinion Drive

⊡ Maximum Security

Power Variations

⊡ 120 VAC Gear Motor

⊡ 230 VAC Gear Motor

⊡ 24 VDC Gear Motor

Standard Features

⊡ Current Limiting Dr Pressure

⊡ Non-Handed Mechanism

⊡ Rack & Pinion Gear Drive (Simulates Chain Operation)

⊡ Heavy Duty Const (10 Ga Top - 7 Ga Hsg)

⊡ Sloped Top Housing

⊡ 2 Point Rear Deadlocking

⊡ Door Position Indicator

⊡ Deadlock Position Indicator

Optional Features

⊡ Mechanical Release Cabinet with Lever Control for All Door Emergency Release

⊡ Mechanical and/or Electric Key Release by Paracentric Key in Column at Front of Door

⊡ Mechanical and/or Release by Mogul Cylinder in Column at the Front of the Door

⊡ Wire Harness with Plug Connections for Ease of Interconnection of Doors in Cell Runs

⊡ Custom Controls from Mechanical Release Cabinet - (See Control Section for More Details)


Unit opens and closes electrically while deadlocking in each direction. If stopped in mid- travel, the door is back-drivable. Unit may be instantly reversed.  Door blockage will not cause motor damage. Door pressure is adjustable from approximately 40 lbs. Emergency release allows the door to be moved against slight motor pressure and is never free- wheeling


The SC-2000 cell device is a motorized sliding door device that provides electrical opening and closing of an individual cell door.

The door is powered by means of push buttons or a selector switch. When the door is opened or closed, it may be stopped in mid- travel. During that period, the door may be manually moved open or closed by applying a slight force on the door. The door may also be instantly reversed without any harm to the mechanism.  

Upon fully opening or closing, the door is locked at two concealed points at the vertical lock column. The locking rod is also fully deadlocked preventing the rod from being manipulated. No locking components are exposed.

During a power loss, the SC-2000 may be mechanically released by key, at which point the door may be moved to an open or closed position.

Electro/Mechanical Drive System

⊡ Non-Handed - Easy Access 10" x 10¾" Mechanism Assy.

⊡ All Mechanism Assy Parts - Corrosive Resistant Materials

⊡ Gear Motor - 120 VAC, 60 Hz

⊡ Gear Motor - 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz

⊡ Gear Motor - 24 VDC

⊡ 1" x 5/8" Rack & Pinion 14½ Degree Spur Gear with #10 Pitch

⊡ 1/11 HP 90VDC Variable Speed Motor - 120VAC Power Source

⊡ Electronically Controlled Adjustable Door Pressure

⊡ Logic Board Allows a Variety of Control Voltages

⊡ Modular Easy Access Motor and Indicator Limit Switches

⊡ Easy Access Motor Drive and Logic Board

Structural Components

⊡ 7 Gauge Steel Housing with 10 Gauge Hinged Top/Cover

⊡ 10 Gauge Door Receiver 

⊡ ¼" Door Hanger, Door Angle and Door Guide

⊡ 3/8" Front and Rear Carriage Plates

⊡ 9/16" CRS 1045 High Carbon Track

⊡ 1½" x 1½" Tubular - Square Vertical Lock Column

⊡ ¼" x ¾" Vertical Lock Rod

⊡ Steel Rollers with Ball Bearings attached with ½" Dia. HHCS

⊡ 16 Gauge Wire Tray

Mechanical Release Mechanism

⊡ Paracentric Deadbolt Porthole Release in Housing Bottom

⊡ Swivel Release in Housing Bottom

⊡ Masterbar Gang Release at Emergency Release Cabinet

⊡ Release Cabinet 7 Gauge Steel Construction

⊡ Mechanical Lever Handles for Emergency Release 

⊡ 7 Ga Hinged Steel Doors with #2 Pull & Deadbolt Lock

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