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MSR-1000 Cell Door Device Upgradeable Mechanism

The MSR-1000 is a mechanical locking device designed for individual cell, multiple cell or inmate room applications for doors not exceeding 450 lbs. This device can be upgraded to an electro- mechanical spring release or a fully operational sliding door.
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⊡ Sliding Door Lock

⊡ Motor Unlocks / Door Springs Open

⊡ Maximum Security

Standard Features

⊡ Non-Handed Mechanism

⊡ Mechanical Release Mechanism

⊡ Spring Release Door Opening

⊡ Heavy Duty Const (10 Ga Top - 7 Ga Hsg)

⊡ Sloped Top Housing

⊡ 2 Point Rear Deadlocking

⊡ Emergency Manual Release

Optional Features

⊡ Upgradeable to Electro-Mechanical Spring Release or a Fully Operational Sliding Door.

⊡ Mechanical Release Cabinet with Lever Control for All Door Emergency Release.

⊡ Mechanical Release by Paracentric Key in Column at front of Door.

⊡ Mechanical and/or Release by Mogul Cylinder in Column at the Front of the Door.


Unit unlocks mechanically with a spring release to open door. The door can then be manually opened and will deadlock in either full open or full close position. The unit also unlocks mechanically from the open position. Emergency release allows the door to spring open and be moved manually.


The MSR-1000 cell device is a sliding door device that provides mechanical unlocking from either open or closed position with spring release for partial door movement. The door is unlocked by means of a mechanical release mechanism. When the door is opened or closed, it is spring released approximately 4" to 6" and may be manually moved to either fully closed or fully open. When either fully opened or fully closed, the door is locked in two positions at the rear of the door. The top and bottom of the door is locked and deadlocked, preventing the rod from being manipulated. No locking components are exposed.

Structural Components

⊡ 7 Gauge Steel Housing with 10 Gauge Hinged Top/Cover

⊡ 10 Gauge Door Receiver

⊡ ¼" Door Hanger, Door Angle and Door Guide

⊡ 3/8" Front and Rear Carriage Plates

⊡ 9/16" CRS 1045 High Carbon Track

⊡ 1½" x 1½" Tubular - Square Vertical Lock Column

⊡ ¼" x ¾" Vertical Lock Rod

⊡ Steel Rollers w/ Ball Bearings attached with ½" Dia. HHCS

⊡ 16 Gauge Wire Tray

Mechanical Release Mechanism

⊡ Paracentric Deadbolt Release in Housing Bottom

⊡ Swivel Release in Housing Bottom

⊡ Masterbar Gang Release at Emergency Release Cabinet

⊡ Release Cabinet 7 Gauge Steel Construction

⊡ Mechanical Lever Handles for Emergency Release

⊡ 7 Ga Hinged Steel Doors with #2 Pull & Deadbolt Lock

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